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Gup Gup

MEET GUP GUP! Heʼs kind and playful and loves to make new friends! Come into his colourful world where he loves to play, explore and create magical things!

Gup Gup Loves Visitors

VISIT GUP GUP! Gup Gup likes to snack and nap and make a mess. If you’d like to find out more about Gup Gup, his best friend Nemesis and the many other residents of Gupville, Click Now! Gup Gup loves making new friends, and he would be delighted to meet you!

DIY Adventure

Make a friend for GUP! Go on a DIY adventure and create your own GUP friend! You can glue, paint, colour onto this blank Gup Gup — thereʼs no limit to what you can do!

Craft Party!

Gup Gups Craft Parties are a great way to flex your creative muscles with friends! Get a bunch of friends, get a bunch of Gup Gups DIY Minis, bring out whatever art supplies tickle your fancy, and start making a mess. If you’d like a little inspiration getting started, checkout our DIY Tutorial Section in Gup Crafts for help tips and hints for unleashing your creative beast...ooh and cupcakes are also good...definitely cupcakes...

Game On!

GAME ON! We love to play and we felt that videogames would be a great way to add to the fun. Visit Gup Kids for all the info on our latest digital products for iPhone and Android. Go Gup Gup Go is free to play and better yet, the better you do the bigger the disounts you get at our online store!!!

Gup Design

GUP DESIGN! Every once in a while we like to throw a party to show the work of our amazing creative community. Click to visit Gup Design and check out the amazing work by our talented friends! While you’re there feel free to take a peek at our party pics.